Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of the influential First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, has warned that gay marriage will lead to a government crackdown of Christian radio stations.

Appearing on American Family Association's (AFA) Today's Issues radio program, Jeffress noted the inevitability of marriage equality once it reaches the U.S. Supreme Court.

“If that's the case, then I think you can rightly assume that any speech that is against that [will be prohibited]. For example, on the radio. What about stations who have licenses that are granted by the FCC? Can the FCC support stations that engage in hate speech or intolerance or that discriminate against the constitutional rights of others?” Jeffress rhetorically asked.

“I think that could very well be the basis for denying licenses to Christian stations around the country that want to broadcast the truth,” he added.

Writing at Right Wing Watch, Kyle Mantyla agreed with an eye roll: “Yes, this is probably exactly what will happen, just as the government systematically shut down Christian radio stations for opposing abortion after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the right to choose back in 1973, which is why we never hear the Religious Right talk about this issue these days.”

Also it should be noted Jeffress' incorrect assumption that all Christians oppose LGBT rights.

Last year, Jeffress compared gay sex to plugging a 120-volt television into a 220-volt outlet.