Fano, Italy Mayor Stefano Aguzzi on Friday registered the marriage of a gay couple performed in The Netherlands.

Fausto Schermi and Edwin Van Dijck married in 2008. After an Italian judge ordered the town of Grosseto to recognize the marriage of a gay couple who tied the knot in New York, Schermi and Van Dijck asked Aguzzi to recognize their marriage. Aguzzi agreed, making Fano the first Italian town to register the marriage of a gay couple without a court order.

“This is for you, thank you all for helping to change the story, now the door is open,” the couple told a crowd gathered at City Hall, according to the blog Agere per Formulas.

“I did not think that today, it was a situation that aroused so much hype,” Aguzzi said. “The decision to proceed with the registration of the marriage was a personal choice that I wanted to do in my capacity as mayor. I believe it is right that everyone, for their specificity and will, may have recognized his rights.”

Aguzzi added that he hopes the registration will encourage Italian lawmakers to approve legislation allowing gay couples to marry.