Matt Bomer, who is openly gay and married, recently discussed what he hopes people take away from viewing The Normal Heart.

Director Ryan Murphy's adaptation of Larry Kramer's Tony-winning play premiered Sunday on HBO.

In the movie about the early days of the AIDS pandemic in New York City, Bomer plays Felix Turner, a closeted fashion reporter for The New York Times.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Bomer, the 36-year-old star of USA's White Collar, said the film reminded him that “as difficult as the activism was, ultimately, it did unite us and gave us our voice.”

“It really catalyzed the gay rights movement. So the younger generation today who is fortunate to be born into a time to go, 'Oh, there's a NFL player who was drafted who is openly gay and I can get married.' Well, we all owe it to this generation of people, who worked so hard to give us the rights that we have today. And also, these people need to be remembered. And acknowledged. And thanked.”

“To remember them, but also to have an appreciation for this generation that stood up at a time when it was unpopular to do so,” he continued. “To understand that this group of people, as difficult as it was, banded together and catalyzed the gay rights movement and gave us the rights that we have today. And I hope that the younger generation will be educated. I hope for my generation there will be some clarity. And I hope for the generation that experienced that it's maybe therapeutic for them.”

Bomer added that the film is ultimately about “the power of love.”

“Also, on a more positive note: It’s really, ultimately, about the power of love. How people under the most horrific circumstances could still love each other unconditionally and triumph over a society that universally ignored and mistreated them. That's a really profound message, and hopefully it will remind us to treat each other a little bit better,” he said.