RuPaul denies claims cabler Logo is distancing itself from him over recent remarks on use of the word “tranny.”

“I love the word tranny,” RuPaul, the host of Logo's RuPaul's Drag Race, said during an interview with Marc Maron, breaking his two-year silence on use of the word.

In a BuzzFeed article titled Logo TV distances itself from RuPaul for defending the use of anti-transgender slur, a Logo representative was quoted as saying, “These comments did not come from Logo. We are committed to supporting the entire LGBT community and will not feature any anti-trans rhetoric on our shows.”

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RuPaul responded in a series of tweets on Saturday.

“Trust! @LogoTV hasn't 'distanced' itself from me, not while I'm payin' the f%kin' light bill over there,” RuPaul messaged.

“I've been a 'tranny' for 32 years. The word 'tranny' has never just meant transsexual. #TransvestiteHerstoryLesson,” RuPaul added. “It's not the word itself, but the intention behind the word.”