Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall, a Republican, has filed a resolution seeking to impeach Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring over his refusal to defend Virginia's ban on gay marriage.

Herring has sided with plaintiffs in a case challenging the state's ban. In a brief filed last month, Herring asked the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond to affirm a lower court's decision declaring Virginia's ban invalid.

Marshall, a vocal opponent of gay rights, called on supporters to lobby Virginia lawmakers and Speaker of the House William J. Howell, also a Republican, to support his resolution.

Howell has said he does not support impeachment proceedings against Herring.

“We Virginians, and those elected representatives of the people who still accept the 'Laws of Nature and Nature's God' need to show the Supreme Court Justices what Virginians think of elected officials who seek to impose same sex, sodomy 'marriage' with its vast and far reaching social and legal implications, by their 'end run' around Virginia's General Assembly and 1.3 million Virginia voters who ratified the Marriage Amendment in 2006,” Marshall wrote.

Marshall also targeted judges who have struck down such bans as unconstitutional: “Their reliance on the 14th Amendment's 'equal protection' makes no sense because when the 14th Amendment was ratified, sodomy was a felony in nearly every state.”

“[T]he 1.3 million voters who ratified the Marriage Amendment in 2006 deserve to be defended by Republicans who should be fearless in doing their duty to prevent Mark Herring from exercising powers he does not have,” he added.

A petition calling on the House of Delegates to “examine whether Attorney General Mark Herring should be impeached” has received 171 signatures, including many, such as “Bob Marshall is an idiot” and “Wrong side of history,” that are clearly not supportive.