In a CNN interview broadcast Sunday, Robin Roberts weighed in on the controversy surrounding a celebratory kiss between Michael Sam and his boyfriend.

The 24-year-old All-American defensive end from Missouri kissed his boyfriend when he learned that he had been drafted by the St. Louis Rams, making Sam the first openly gay football player to be drafted by the NFL.

The 53-year-old Roberts quietly came out in December when she thanked her girlfriend Amber Laign in a Facebook post for standing by her side during a tumultuous year.

Roberts, who is pitching her latest book Everybody's Got Something, told Reliable Sources' Brian Stelter that she was “pleasantly surprised” that her coming out was greeted with a shrug.

“We were pleasantly surprised that there was a big shrug of the shoulders,” Roberts said. “I love how one person said it, it wasn't like I was trying to keep the closet doors shut that tightly. People were very much aware.”

“Gayle King said this the other day, that somebody came up to her – and this catches me – and said that a young man whose mother was having a tough time and said, 'If it's okay for Robin, it's okay for my son.' I find it surprising that somebody in your own family that don't even know me but for whatever reason it helps you understand your own family member's orientation. Wow.”

“I'm very grateful that it is creating dialogue for families.”

When asked her thoughts on the Sam kiss, Roberts answered: “It's amazing. What was he supposed to do, shake his hand? I mean, really.”

“He's happy like every other young man was happy and turned to somebody and showed their gratitude, expressed their love for the person that was next to them. His just happened to be his boyfriend. I think that he has handled it very well. And I think overwhelmingly the response has been positive.” (The video is embedded on this page. Video is embedded on this page.)

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