Westboro Baptist Church has announced that it will protest next month's Chicago Pride Fest.

In response to an On Top Magazine story announcing the participation of Jennifer Hudson in the 2-day street festival, the anti-gay, Topeka, Kansas-based church tweeted, “@LGBTNewsNow @OnTopMag @WGNNews Westboro Baptist Church to picket @PrideFestChi! #SoExcited,” along with an infographic which read “Fag Marriage Dooms Nations” and a link to a Vine video.

The 6-second second video strings together footage of gay pride events and gay milestone moments set to the single No Matter Where You Are by UsTheDuo. In the video's final frame, a female Westboro member holding a baby and a colorful “Sin And Shame Not Pride” sign lip-syncs to the track's chorus: “No matter where you are, I'll be there.”

With an Illinois law allowing gay couples to marry taking effect on June 1 – though a handful of counties, including Cook County, started issuing licenses to same-sex couples weeks ago – this year's Gay Pride celebration is expected to attract additional media attention.

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