Twin brothers David and Jason Benham on Monday told Glenn Beck that gays are being used by Satan to silence Jesus' message.

Last week, HGTV decided against moving forward with a reality series already in production starring the Benham brothers. While the network has not discussed its reasons, it acted less than 24 hours after Right Wing Watch issued a report on the brothers' anti-gay activism.

The brothers have stated in various appearances that they love gays but oppose the “gay agenda,” and that they were the victims of a “smear campaign.”

The fight was “spiritual,” not physical, Jason said.

“From the beginning of time, it was God and there was the Devil and both of them use people for their own purposes,” he said.

David explained that if Satan knows that the “knowledge of the truth is what sets men free,” then he must suppress the truth about Jesus Christ's message.

“If you say, 'The homosexual community is the enemy and they're doing this.' No, it's not the homosexual community. It's God versus the Devil,” Jason said. “And there is a small minority of people in this world, heterosexual or homosexual, that buy into the idea of this agenda that wants to silence people.”

Christians, David added, are “called to restrain evil so that good may flourish,” and “this polarized environment in which we live is being operated by a demonic agenda to suppress the truth.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)