Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx on Monday publicly endorsed marriage equality.

Foxx, the former mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina, was asked his opinion on a federal challenge to Virginia's ban on gay marriage. The case's outcome could have an impact on North Carolina, since both states are under the jurisdiction of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond. Foxx answered that he hopes the appeals court upholds a lower court's order which struck down Virginia's ban.

“I support same-sex marriage,” answered Foxx, 43.

“Who someone loves should never be an issue at work or anyplace else. And as a mayor I was the first mayor to even go met with the LGBT community. I was, unlike my predecessor, someone who went out and went to the annual Human Rights Campaign dinner and signed a letter. I did a lot of things.”

“I think this is a place where the country's attitudes are shifting. And I think North Carolina got it wrong. I hope they get it right,” he added.