Appearing Friday on Fox News, David and Jason Benham decried the gay agenda, saying its aim is to silence Christians.

Last week, HGTV decided against moving forward with a reality series already in production starring the Benham brothers. While the network has not discussed its reasons, it acted less than 24 hours after Right Wing Watch issued a report on the brothers' anti-gay activism.

Appearing on the O'Reilly Factor, David Benham denied some of the claims made against them, calling them “complete lies.”

“They just said things that were complete lies,” David told Eric Bolling. “I even saw one that said 'God hates Muslims' that I said. That is just a lie. I would never say that.”

But Right Wing Watch did not attribute the quote “Jesus hates Muslims” to David. The media watchdog was referring to the brothers' father, Flip Benham, who leads the abortion-clinic protest group Operation Save America.

Jason said the real estate company he built with his brother has “served many gay individuals and we love them just like anybody else.”

David explained that it was the “gay agenda” that they opposed.

“Jesus loves all people, but he does not love all ideas,” David said. “There's a difference between gay community and the gay agenda. The agenda that we're dealing with in America right now is an environment whereby it seeks to silence those that disagree with it. And it begins with Christians, those who would hold to biblical values.”

The men said they could not blame HGTV for its decision, saying that the network was bullied into canceling the show. They also suggested their show wasn't dead, saying that a couple of networks had reached out to them.