A day after 15 gay couples were issued marriage licenses in Arkansas, one county clerk announced on Sunday that her office would not begin issuing licenses to gay couples following a ruling handed down late Friday striking down the state's ban on such unions.

After stalling for several hours, Carroll County Clerk Jane Osborne on Saturday issued a marriage license to Kristin Seaton and Jennifer Rambo of Fort Smith, making them the first gay couple in Arkansas history to be issued a marriage license. Osborne closed the doors at 1PM as scheduled, disappointing many couples waiting in line.

Faulkner County Attorney David Hogue released a statement Sunday on behalf of County Clerk Melinda Reynolds stating that Circuit Judge Chris Piazza's Friday ruling declaring the state's ban unconstitutional “does not establish or strike down statewide law.” Hogue said that until the Arkansas Supreme Court rules on the matter, “Ms. Reynolds will continue to uphold state law, as she is sworn to do.”

Unlike some judges in other states, Piazza did not stay his ruling. State officials have said they will appeal the decision.

Gay couples also married in Utah and Michigan following similar rulings before a higher court put the orders on hold pending appeals.