Televangelist Pat Robertson has criticized HGTV for its decision not to move forward with a planned reality show starring anti-gay twin brothers David and Jason Benham.

On Wednesday, the Benham brothers lost their HGTV reality program, titled Flip It Forward, largely over their anti-gay activism.

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“This stuff is nonsense,” Robertson told his The 700 Club viewers. “I mean the political correctness is just stultifying speech.”

“But this whole thing is disgusting. What they tried to do with that guy on Duck Dynasty and what they are trying to do with this is just outrageous. I mean, good grief, isn't there supposed to be some freedom? Aren't we supposed to have a First Amendment? But not so.”

Robertson, who has long railed against gay rights, described the move as an attack on Christians.

“There's intolerance in this world. And it's crazy, because we've lost our moorings, our boundaries. There was a time in America we had a consensus. The consensus was built around the Bible and around our Christian faith. Now we say this is post-Christian, we're not a Christian nation, so forth, and we're not exceptional. … We're losing it folks.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)