Christian conservative Bryan Fischer on Thursday defended twin brothers David and Jason Benham, calling them the victims of the “gay gestapo.”

On Wednesday, the Benham brothers lost their HGTV reality program largely over their anti-gay activism.

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Fischer told his radio audience that he was “not exaggerating” in saying that “the gay gestapo is going to make us wear little cross emblems on our sleeves, like the Jews in Nazi Germany had to wear Stars of David. They're going to make us wear yellow crosses on our sleeves so they can identify us, so they will know whom not to hire, they will know whom to fire, they will know whom not to hire, they will know whom not to do business with. I mean we're getting to that point where if you have symbolically a yellow cross patched onto your sleeve, you're not eligible to hold a job.”

Writing at Right Wing Watch, Kyle Mantyla called Fischer a “paragon of inconsistency.”

Mantyla noted that Fischer two weeks ago agreed with a Christian boycott of the band Jars of Clay over its front-man's support for marriage equality.

Fischer called the boycott a “consequence” of making a “foolish declaration.”

“Just to recap, when someone that Fischer disagrees with suffers a backlash because of their publicly stated position, that is because 'there are consequences for making a foolish declaration' … but when someone that Fischer agrees with suffers consequences for making public declarations, that is Nazi-like persecution,” Mantyla wrote.