According to a poll released this week, a proposed initiative which would repeal Oregon's ban on gay marriage leads by a wide margin.

Portland-based DHM Research's survey of 400 Oregon voters found that a large majority (58%) of respondents support changing the Oregon Constitution to allow gay couples to marry. Forty-four percent said they support it strongly.

That's a 9 percent increase in support since April, 2013.

Republicans, however, remain opposed, with only 32 percent of Republicans saying they support the initiative. Large majorities of Democrats (76%) and independents (61%) support repeal of the restrictive marriage amendment.

A majority (57%) of voters approved the amendment in 2004.

Last month, Oregon United for Marriage, the sponsor of the initiative campaign, said it would abandon its effort if a federal judge strikes down the state's marriage ban by May 23.

U.S. District Judge Michael McShane heard arguments in a case challenging the ban on April 23. A last-minute request by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) to intervene in the case has made a quick ruling less likely.

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