Former presidential candidate Rick Santorum on Wednesday evaded questions on marriage equality during an appearance on Fox News.

Santorum, who is promoting his new book Blue Collar Conservatives, told host Neil Cavuto that people in a stable marriage generally fare better economically.

“Let's say if your mom and dad are the same sex,” Cavuto started, “is that a stable environment?”

“Well, I'd rather argue the issue as to whether we should be promoting, I believe we should be, promoting the institution of marriage of men and women staying together and raising children,” Santorum responded.

“Would you apply the same for men and men staying together? Or women and women staying together?”

“Here's what I would say, that what we need to do is have men – the father and mother of the children raise those children. And that means a man and woman bringing to a child what a man and woman can bring. And that's what we should be focused on.”

“What about the gay couple who adopts?” Cavuto pressed.

“If states want to do what they want to do, I think we need to focus on the vast majority of the people who are going to be in man and woman relationships raising children and reclaim those relationships and try to nurture … How about promoting the dignity and value of marriage of mothers and fathers raising [children]?”

As early as last year, Santorum, a vocal opponent of gay rights, hinted at a second bid for the White House in 2016.