Darrell Trigg on Wednesday launched a bid for the White House, promising supporters that under his presidency gays “will not be recognized legally, or any other way.”

According to the Times News, Tigg discussed his vision for American during a National Day of Prayer event on Thursday held in Rogersville, Tennessee.

He told a crowd of roughly 100 people that if elected president of the United States in 2016, he would work to change the U.S. Constitution to end the separation of church state, make Christianity the nation's official religion and make Bible lessons a requirement for students attending public schools.

At his campaign website, Tigg also pledges to overhaul marriage laws to exclude gay couples and raise the legal age to 22.

“Divorce will only be allowed in cases of abuse, infidelity or incarceration,” the platform states.

“No show or movie will be allowed on T.V. systems or computer systems accessible by homes that contain nudity, strong sexual content, excessive foul language, blasphemy or any form of homosexuality,” Trigg's platform also states.