A Republican candidate for the North Carolina Senate has denied claims he's gay and once worked as a drag queen.

Randy Duggins, co-owner of the now-shuttered Club Odyssey nightclub in Winston-Salem, told reporters that Steve Wiles was gay when he worked as a female impersonator at his gay club roughly a decade ago.

“He is Mona Sinclair,” Duggins told the News & Record. “That's definitely him. I have no ax to grind against him. I just think he's a liar.”

Wiles at first denied both claims, answering “no” when asked whether he's gay and saying he's not Mona Sinclair.

With only days to go before the May 6 GOP primary, Wiles, a real estate agent, gave a tacit admission.

“I have already apologized to the people who matter most to me for the things I did when I was young,” Wiles said this week without elaborating.

At the website of the Miss Gay America Pageant, Steven Wiles is listed as Mona Sinclair on a webpage that has been removed but is still accessible via Google's cache. According to the webpage, pageant officials suspended Sinclair for “conduct unbecoming to a promoter of the Miss Gay America Pageant system.”

In 2012, Wiles advocated for passage of North Carolina's constitutional amendment defining marriage as a between a man and a woman. According to the News & Record, he still supports the ban.