Grammy Award-winning singer Sarah McLachlan sets the record straight about her sexuality.

In an interview with Michigan gay weekly Pride Source, the 46-year-old McLachlan was asked when she became aware of her big gay following.

“Probably Boston 1991,” McLachlan answered. “It was with my second record [Solace] and I remember going to do a gig in Boston. I hung out with a lot of women after the show and, uhh, there was one bartender in particular who was really hot!”

“She was a good kisser – that's all I'm gonna say!”

McLachlan was asked in a follow up question her thoughts on the public's interest in her sexuality.

“People are always interested in how people bend. I've never shied away from it. I mean, I'm pretty straight. Let me just put it this way: I've never had sex with a woman. I've made out with more than one woman, but it just sort of happened. And there may have been alcohol involved with one of them.”

“But yeah, I'm pretty much straight. But at the same time I am such a strong advocate for gay and lesbian rights because I truly believe that we are all equal. We should be able to choose whom we love and how we love, and it's not anybody's goddamn business, really,” she added.

On May 6, McLachlan will release Shine On, her first album of original music in four years.