Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has dismissed efforts to impeach him over his decision to recognize the marriages of gay and lesbian couples for the purposes of state tax returns despite Missouri's ban on such unions.

Nixon, a Democrat who previously has endorsed marriage equality, directed the Department of Revenue to accept the combined returns of gay couples who married in a state where such unions are legal.

The Republican-controlled House is considering three articles of impeachment.

Nixon, who previously called the effort “some sort of show,” on Thursday said he's not too concerned about the proceedings, which he described as partisan politics.

“I got asked by a school kid the other day, 'What is the hardest part of the job?' I said it's when people are hyper partisan because I see Missourians around the state,” he told reporters. “People don't rush up to me and say they're a Democrat or a Republican or whatever.”

During a visit Monday to Rockwood Summit High School, Nixon was asked what was the toughest part of being governor.

“When people give their reason for doing something as being their political party, it's disappointing,” he told the students. “They should be serving everybody.”

House proceedings resume next Wednesday.