Guy Wilson, who portrays Will Horton on NBC's Days of Our Lives, says he views his character's recent marriage to another man as an “example of true love.”

The soap opera made daytime television history earlier this month with the nuptials of Horton and Sonny Kriakis (played by Freddie Smith), broadcasting the genre's first gay male wedding.

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“When we filmed that episode and the days leading up to that, with each day it became increasingly powerful for us,” Wilson told Gay Star News. “The actual day of filming it, there was no acting. We didn't have to act. It was simultaneously one of the most powerful moments I've had as a performer or otherwise and also one of the most fluid moments I've had as an actor.”

“We were trying to demonstrate for our viewership the fact that it's okay to be fearless, to express who you are and what you believe in and it's okay to love whoever you want to love. I view the Will and Sonny storyline as an example of true love, pure love,” he added.