Televangelist Pat Roberson on Wednesday insisted that the Bible condemns gay sex but advised a viewer to keep associating with “creative homosexuals.”

Robertson, an ardent opponent of gay rights, made his remarks during The 700 Club's Bring It On-Line segment, in which he answers viewers' questions.

“Recently, a couple of my friends revealed to me that they are gay,” a view wrote. “I consider homosexual activity a sin. I do not agree with their lifestyle. However, aside from them being homosexuals, they are upstanding men. Will God punish me for associating with them? Should I continue being friends with them, even though they are gay?”

Robertson suggested that the viewer might influence the men: “Of course you should be friends, if you can and you should by your example ...”

“You don't turn the light out just because you disagree with somebody. The Lord's not going to punish you for having homosexuals as your friends. But I do think that when you read the Bible very carefully, homosexuality is condemned. And we got a society now that doesn't want to condemn it all. But the Bible does, very clearly.”

“You can't indulge, but at the same time having [a] homosexual as a friend … there are some very, very creative homosexual people. They're in the fashion industry, they're in design, they're in various types of creative arts. And you would almost need to leave the world not to associate with folks like that,” Robertson added.

Co-host Wendy Griffith said she agreed, stating that, “Love conquers all.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)