Actress Cameron Diaz says sexual labels make people unhappy.

The 41-year-old co-star of The Other Woman, told Michigan gay weekly Pride Source that because she's sexually attracted to women doesn't mean she's a lesbian or bisexual.

“What I really think is a problem is that for some reason everybody needs to label,” Diaz said. “There needs to be a label for something, and you have to qualify it with a label. If we didn't put labels on ourselves, I think we would probably live in a much better society. We would just let people be who they are and we wouldn't have to define them.”

“Over the years I've known people who are male who love women, who want to be in a relationship with a woman, who want to raise a family with a woman, who have that relationship and that's where they want to put their energy – but they also are sexually attracted to men. And just because someone's sexually attracted to a man he has to choose whether he wants to be with a woman or a man, and vice versa with women. Women may want to have a relationship with a man, and to raise a family with him, but may also be sexually attracted to women.”

“Because we have to label it, because we make people choose who they want to be, people aren't happy. They're ruining relationships and friendships and marriages, and they're feeling like they can't have all sides of themselves. They feel like they have to choose. If we just allowed people to be themselves and to be open to it and not have to be absolute one way or another, life could be really full.”

Diaz added that she would not label herself “bisexual.”

“I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but it's a beautiful thing that we can appreciate beauty in other women. I think that's amazing. If they're confident in themselves and know who they are, heterosexual men can look at another heterosexual man and go, 'Yeah, he's pretty hot. He's a sexy man.'”