Phil Burress, chairman of Citizens for Community Values Action (CCVA), on Monday predicted that Ohio's gay marriage ban will be upheld on appeal.

Burress and his group organized the initiative which in 2004 added the ban to the Ohio Constitution.

In an email to supporters sent shortly after U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Black ordered Ohio to immediately recognize the out-of-state marriages of gay and lesbian couples, Burress cited a poll commissioned by CCVA.

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The poll found that 52 percent of people “are certain to keep marriage as only between one man and one woman,” while 33 percent said otherwise.

The poll's results belie an earlier Quinnipiac University poll which found a plurality of Ohioans support marriage equality by a 50-44 point margin. The poll also found a large majority (71%) of young adults under 29 favor marriage equality.

Burress said of his group's findings: “I believe this return to pre-2004 polling numbers is a direct result of the open hostility and bullying being experience by citizens and people of faith who hold a natural or traditional view of marriage.”

“The shockingly intolerant decision by Federal Judge Timothy Black to invalidate the Ohio Constitution's Marriage Amendment and the clear will of more than 3.3 million Ohio voters is egregious,” Burress said. “It's another example of homosexual activists using sympathetic judges and the courts as a blunt instrument to force a redefinition of marriage and family on the people of Ohio. It seems clear that when advocates of 'marriage equality' cannot convince the people and win at the ballot box, they resort to the courts and judicial fiat. But it's also clear that most Ohioans still understand that natural marriage has no equal.”

“We believe Judge Timothy Black's decision will be overturned – as it should be – by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit,” he concluded.