Speaking to a reporter before the start of a Salt Lake City rally in opposition to gay marriage, an organizer claimed that supporters were asking children to give up their relationships with their parents.

The rally, held Friday, was to support Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes in his fight to keep the state's ban on such unions.

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Reyes told a crowd of about 100 at the Capitol that his defense of Utah's ban is not motivated by hate.

Mary Summerhays, a spokeswoman for the group Celebration of Marriage, told CBS affiliate KUTV that her group opposed marriage equality because it denied children “the most formative relationships in their lives.”

“Today's event is focusing on the needs of children and how we can address their concerns and protect their needs in a culture that is considering redefining marriage. I think the foremost question that we're wondering is how can we … that it rings a little bit hollow to tell children that you need to give up a mother and a father in order for us stand on the right side of history.”

“So we're trying to do what we can to stand with children and defend their rights that will be affected by a redefinition of marriage.”

“A child's foremost relationships comes with their mother and their father and children deserve to have both a mother and a father. We all have different relationships with our mothers and fathers and it's important that we recognize and preserve those relationships. Relationships are worthy of protecting. As homosexuals feel very strongly that their relationships are worthy of protecting, it shouldn't have to come at the cost of children's relationships and especially not the most formative relationships in their lives.”