Anti-gay activist Scott Lively on Tuesday claimed that “science says” that gays are using their bodies incorrectly, then backed up and said he didn't need science.

Lively, who is also running a Massachusetts gubernatorial campaign as an independent, made his claims during a lively interview on Fox News Radio's The Alan Colmes Show.

“I believe that homosexuality is a behavioral disorder on par with alcoholism or eating disorders,” Lively said, “things that people suffer with. It isn't just a moral weakness. It's something that people suffer with.”

“How do you account for the fact that there are many gays who are happily gay?” Colmes asked. “They're not suffering because of it. They're happily living their lives. Some of them with partners. Alcoholism causes definite problems, physical problems.”

“Hey, there's a lot of happy alcoholics,” Lively responded.

Colmes pointed out the flaw in Lively's analogy: “Someone could be very not negatively affected by the results of [being gay].”

“Well, I disagree that they can be 'not negatively affected,'” Lively responded. “I think homosexual conduct is inherently wrong and dangerous and harmful. … Because it's engaging in, it's using parts of the body in ways they're not supposed to be used.”

“Who says that the human body should not be done in a way, or used in a way that gays use the human body. Who says that?”

“Well, science says, for one thing,” Lively answered.

When Colmes pressed for scientific evidence, Lively said it was unnecessary because “it's self-evident.”

“Because you can't back up what you said, if you don't do that,” Colmes said.

“I believe that the best arguments are the arguments from simple logic. And when you get off into scientific studies, then you're off in the weeds.”

“But you're the one who brought up science, Dr. Lively,” Colmes stated. “You're the one who brought that up.”