Openly gay rapper Fly Young Red has denied that he's been brought on to Lil Wayne's record label.

Fly Young Red's video for the single Throw That Boy P***y, which has been viewed more than 600,000 times since its March 18 YouTube debut, has put the young rapper in the spotlight.

Hip hop sites reported on Monday that Fly Young Red had been signed on to Lil Wayne's record label Cash Money.

“I told yall this was a rumor!! Im not YMCMB,” Fly Young Red messaged his more than 4,400 followers on Tuesday.

Lil Wayne was quoted in various reports as saying that he signed on Fly Young Red because “good music is just good music.”

“Gay, straight, black, white, blue or purple. Good music is just good music. Have you ever been in the club when that joint came on? Niggas go crazy when that drop. I had to make him YMCMB [Young Money Cash Money Billionaires],” Wayne was quoted as saying.

In an interview on cabler Fusion's AM Tonight, Fly Young Red expressed in passing an interest in working with Lil Wayne.

When host Alicia Menendez asked whether the video for Throw That Boy P***y was a game-changer for the gay community, Fly Young Red answered: “I can definitely say that. I mean, I think it's making our own lane in the hip hop community, you know, because I don't expect to be opening up for a Lil Wayne or anything like that, but I want to give, you know, gay people who listen to hip hop, they shouldn't have to change the word from girl to guy. They should have their own music, and I want to provide that outlet for them.”