Anti-gay activist Robert Oscar Lopez on Monday claimed that the Thirteenth Amendment's ban on slavery applies to gay parenting.

Lopez, who is celebrated among social conservatives due to the fact that he was raised briefly in a same-sex household and claims he was damaged by the experience, made his comments during an appearance on Sandy Rios in The Morning.

“I believe every child has a natural born right to his mother and father and ultimately those rights were taken away from them because adults made a decision that the child was not a party to because he didn’t exist or was too young to decide that,” Lopez said.

The Thirteenth Amendment “says 'slavery shall not exist.' Any kind of arrangement where you have a legal contract upon another human being is banned.”

“So the mother-father relationship to the child is a natural one that is structured around obligations to the child, anytime that you turn that around and you say that adults have a right to a child, really all of society then becomes put into an ethical problem, because all of society is redefining what it means to be human, what it means to be a child, what it means to be a free citizen and what it means to have freedom. I don't think you can really be free if you're born with a price on your head,” he added, completely oblivious to the fact that all children are raised without giving consent.

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