Tyler Glenn, the recently out frontman for the Utah-based alternative rock band Neon Trees, discussed Adam Lambert and Morrissey with gay glossy Out.

The 30-year-old Glenn came out in the latest issue of Rolling Stone.

In a tweet to his nearly 29,000 followers, he added: “Yes. I am a happy and healthy Mormon gay pop star. I don't know what it all means, but I'm ok with it.”

Glenn said he was inspired to come out by a marathon of LGBT-themed documentaries.

“The fear surrounding coming out went away,” Glenn explained to Out. “It was just as simple as saying this is what I want and I want to be happy.”

Glenn told Out that he's attracted to masculine men: “I think Morrissey is sex.”

He also addressed failing to mention Adam Lambert in the Rolling Stone interview when he complained of the lack of openly gay musicians.

“I've gotten tired of kind-of gay or straight people being pop culture's gay [spokespeople] – like Macklemore,” he told Rolling Stone. “It makes me wonder, 'Are we ready for an actual gay pop star and not just the safe straight guy saying it's OK?' I appreciate the fact that Michael Stipe was able to just be who he was, and it rarely overshadowed the music.”

“I didn't want him to think I was leaving him out. I'll use Out.com to say I enjoy [Adam Lambert],” Glenn said.