Dan Calabrese, editor-in-chief of Best of Cain, a website described as “the web extension of the phenomenon that is The Herman Cain Show,” has compared gays to Star Trek's Borg, a pseudo-race bent on using forced assimilation to turn other species into cybernetic organisms obedient to the Borg Collective.

Calabrese used the analogy in the course of criticizing gay rights advocates who called on Brendan Eich to step down as CEO of Mozilla because his opposition to marriage equality was not a good match for the company's mission statement and culture.

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“You will be assimilated,” Calabrese wrote. “Resistance is futile.”

“People who are advocating a righteous cause do not seek to silence all dissent and destroy those who dare to disagree. They let the truth of their position speak for itself, and they don't fear those who mistakenly fail to see the virtue of their position.”

“This movement is evil, not because homosexuality is a 'worse sin' than other sins, but because its champions are trying to not only silence but in many cases destroy those who disagree with them. The gay movement understands something. They understand that in order for their movement to ultimately succeed, they need to turn the entire culture into a mindless army of obedient adherents like the Borg on Star Trek.”

“And no one acts this way when their cause is righteous. They know they don't need to. They act this way when their cause is evil, and freedom of speech is their enemy because, ultimately, truth is their enemy.”

It should be noted that Eich donated $1,000 to the campaign to approve Proposition 8.