A teacher contract used in three dozen Roman Catholic private schools operated by the Diocese of Honolulu explicitly prohibits teachers from engaging in “homosexual activity” or marrying a person of the same sex.

According to Civil Beat, the contract is scheduled to go into effect for the 2014-15 school year.

“The school expressly reserves the right to terminate the employment of any Teacher, who by word or example, denies the teachings or authority of the Church, or whose personal life or conduct is, based on Catholic teaching, immoral,” a portion of the contract states.

The contract, titled “Standard Teacher Employment Agreement,” covers full and part-time teachers.

The Diocese of Honolulu covers the entire state and only a few private Catholic schools are not under its operation.

Michael Rockers, the superintendent of all Hawaii Roman Catholic schools, said openly gay teachers negatively affect children.

“We're trying to be pastoral about this and centered on what's best for the students,” Rockers said.

Hawaii lawmakers last year approved a law allowing gay couples to marry over the loud objections of the Catholic Church.

Honolulu Bishop Larry Silva last year said it was acceptable to discriminate against gays who wanted to marry, arguing that such unions lead to youth suicides.