MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts and his husband Patrick Abner cover the April/May issue of Instinct.

Roberts and Abner hold hands while donning tuxedos on the gay glossy's cover under the caption “Handsome Husbands!”

In the accompanying interview, the couple discuss how they met (at a going-away party for Abner) and the hardest part of their marriage (taxes).

“Our marriage is such a testament to our commitment and what we mean to each other,” Roberts said. “I think, for us, it was the perfect progression for our relationship. And to be able to get excited about getting married in our 12th year together [was] pretty special.”

“For me, I felt like I already was married to Thomas,” Abner said. “Our life was together, and this would just be a formality. I didn't expect to feel that different. But I will tell you that that wasn't the case at all. The day we got married, the emotion that I had and the feeling that I've had afterward is amazing.”