A Rancho Mirage, California city council race has turned ugly with a homophobic mailer targeting the race's openly gay incumbent.

Scott Hines' successful 2010 campaign for a seat on the Rancho Mirage City Council was marred with anti-gay attacks. Opponents mailed flyers and launched robo-calls claiming he would “infect” the Council with “Palm Springs style” politics.

Similar attacks surfaced last month as Hines campaigned to keep his seat.

According to Frontiers LA, some residents received postcards featuring a shirtless Hines with the caption “No More 'Fab' Party Guy Scotty.” The words “'Fab Party Guy Scotty” are lined up vertically to spell out “fags.”

“Send Hines packing back to Palm Spring (where he belongs),” the mailer also reads.

The postcard does not include a return address and nobody has claimed credit for the ad.

Hines, who is raising two children with his husband Jon, said the image was taken three years ago during a family vacation and was on his iPhone, which was stolen from his City Hall office in December.

The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, a group dedicated to electing openly LGBT candidates, denounced the tactics.

“We stand with Councilman Hines in solidarity against these egregious campaign tactics that focus on Hines' sexual orientation – these types of tactics should never be tolerated for any candidate,” Torey Carter, chief operating officer for the group, said in a statement. “Councilman Hines has a long track record of supporting the LGBT community, and we are proud to have endorsed his re-election campaign.”