Gay icon Kylie Minogue's recently released video for the single Sexercize is heating up the Internet.

In the video, Minogue, dressed in nothing more than a body-hugging leotard and bright red high heels, sings “Let me see you take it down; let me me see you take it up; let me see you bounce, bounce, bounce; feel the burn” as other women press up against each other in an industrial-looking gym. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Sexercise, which was produced by out songwriter Sia, is featured on Minogue's latest studio album Kiss Me Once, which is available at Amazon.

“Sexercize! Yes! Thank you, Sia!” Minogue said of Sexercize. “I actually blushed when I heard the title and thought, 'Oh, that's wrong.' But that's the genius of Sia. She can make it cool and make it hot. And I can probably put the little wink into it, so you know it's going to be more fruity than sleazy.”

Lesbian entertainment blog headlined a story about the video with: “Kylie Minogue gets Sapphic for Sexercise.”

“Kyle Minogue's new video is basically soft porn,” wrote a commenter on Twitter.

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Soon after its debut, Minogue released a second video featuring men.