John Stemberger said Wednesday that openly gay youth will not be tolerated in Trail Life USA because gay people are “intolerant.”

After unsuccessfully lobbying the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) not to allow openly gay scouts in its youth program, John Stemberger founded Trail Life USA as an alternative to the BSA.

During a Crosstalk appearance, Stemberger, who also heads the Florida Family Policy Council, a group opposed to gay rights, told host Jim Schneider that openly “loud and proud” gay youth “will not be tolerated in Trail Life USA” because gay people are “intolerant.”

“What we do not welcome is a boy that is willing to dig in and say, 'Oh, I'm gay, and God created me this way. And I'm going to promote it and be loud and proud,'” Stemberger said. “That's what's inappropriate in any child program, any youth program, and will not be tolerated in Trail Life USA.”

“So we view a same sex attraction as being very different that this new socio-political construct of gay, which is a political movement, is an in-your-face, intolerant attitude agenda. That's a very different thing than just a person struggling with same-sex attraction, or even a person who has a same-sex attraction and gives in to it.”