Italian lawmakers may debate several proposals aimed at recognizing the relationships of gay and lesbian couples.

According to the blog Agere per Formulas, Nitto Palma (Forza Italia), chairman of the Justice Committee of the Italian Senate, on Wednesday proposed review of several such bills. Forza Italia, along with Five Star Movement and the Democratic Party, is one of Italy's three major political parties. Five Star Movement has previously endorsed marriage equality, but the Silvio Berlusconi-led center-right Forza Italia is generally opposed.

Bill introduced range from legalizing marriage for gay couples to creation of a gay-inclusive cohabitation agreement.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi (Democratic Party) has offered his support to a bill introduced in December that seeks to legalize civil unions. If approved, the measure would grant gay couples all the rights and obligations of marriage. However, gay couples would not be allowed to jointly adopt children.

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