Tony Perkins, president of the Christian conservative Family Research Council (FRC), claims President Barack Obama's support for gay marriage is exacerbating the problems of minority communities.

Perkins criticized Obama's My Brother's Keeper initiative launched last month. The initiative aims to support boys and young men of color.

Foundations and businesses will work together to find ways to improve the lives of black and Hispanic boys.

Perkins told FRC supporters that in order for the program to be successful the president would need to drop his support for marriage equality.

“Like almost half of all kids today, having a father at home was a luxury Barack Obama didn't enjoy,” Perkins said. “And last week, he launched a new program to spare other kids the same issues. To fight the crime and poverty that comes with broken families, the President kicked off a program called My Brother's Keeper to help minority boys. And while it's fine for the government to raise awareness about the problem – it's not fine, or even possible, for the government to be the solution. What these kids need isn't Washington's touch, but a family's. Until now, the President's liberal agenda of abortion, promiscuity, and same-sex marriage hasn't fixed the problems, it's exacerbated them. Focusing on minority kids could have a huge impact on American society – if the president realizes that marriage, life, and faith are essential ingredients.”