The British government will begin recognizing the marriages of gay couples who married overseas as of Thursday.

While a law legalizing such unions doesn't take effect until Saturday, March 29, already married couples have only a day to wait.

“It's like being turned into a pumpkin on the stroke of midnight,” Celia Kitzinger, who married her wife Sue Wilkinson in Canada in 2003, told BuzzFeed. “We'll be sitting there in bed with a bottle of champagne and at the stroke of midnight we'll turn into a married couple. We're going away to a hotel, having a nice meal and then at midnight we'll be wife and wife again!”

The women married in Vancouver, where Wilkinson was working temporarily for two years.

In 2005, they filed a lawsuit asking for their Canadian marriage to be recognized in Britain. The women said that their case received little support from Stonewall, England's largest LGBT rights advocate.

“What we got from the gay community and Stonewall at the time were questions about why we were treating civil partnerships as second rate,” Kitzinger explained. “Stonewall declined to support our challenge.”

The women, who lost their case, said that they are looking forward to being lawfully married again.