Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, a Republican, laments that “the gay community have so bullied the American people.”

In an interview at CPAC, Bachmann told conservative radio host Lars Larson that the gay community bullied Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, also a Republican, into vetoing a bill opponents said would allow individuals and businesses to discriminate against gay people on the basis of their religious beliefs.

“There's nothing about gays in there, but the gay community decided to make this their measure,” Bachmann stated. “And the thing that I think is getting a little tiresome is the gay community have so bullied the American people and they have so intimidated politicians that politicians fear them and they think they get to dictate the agenda everywhere. Well, not with the constitution you don't.”

Bachmann, a vocal opponent of gay rights, added that gay people and “activist judges” are working to curb her religious freedom.

“If you want to take away my religious liberties, you can advocate for that but you do it through the constitutional process and you don't intimidate and no politician should give away my religious liberties or yours,” Bachmann said.