Irish actor Chris O'Dowd reveals in a new interview that his The IT Crowd co-star Richard Ayoade was “aggressive” in a kissing scene the two shared.

In the Channel 4 comedy, Roy (played by O'Dowd) and Maurice (Ayoade) play two unappreciated computer support technicians left to fend for themselves in the dingy basement of a large industrial corporation. Roy dreams of moving up the corporate ladder, while geeky genius Maurice believes the set-up is perfect.

“My God, he was aggressive,” O'Dowd, 34, told gay glossy The Advocate. “After years of sexual tension building towards it, I was expecting tenderness, something intimate, and he just pinned me like a human rag doll. It was a lot of fun.”

When asked whether he's ever been mistaken for gay because of his facial hair, O'Dowd answered: “No, I'm too slobbish looking. Maybe if I took better care of myself. And my mustache is a straight man's mustache.”

O'Dowd currently stars in the Sky One series Moone Boy, which can be seen in the U.S. on