A large majority of Arizona voters oppose SB 1062, the bill vetoed last week by Republican Governor Jan Brewer which opponents say would have allowed businesses and individuals to discriminate against gay people based on their religious beliefs.

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According to a Public Policy Polling survey released Monday, sixty-six percent of respondents said that they oppose the measure, while 22 percent support it.

An even larger majority, 72 percent, support Brewer's decision to veto the bill.

Nearly half of all respondents, 49 percent, said that they support allowing gay couples to marry, while 41 percent remain opposed.

However, 3 in 4 Arizonans support state recognition for gay couples. Seventy-five percent of respondents said that Arizona should recognize gay couples with either marriage (45%) or civil unions (32%).

Despite an initial ruling in its favor, Nevada last month decided that it would no longer defend its law excluding gay couples from marriage in an appeal before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The outcome of the case could impact Arizona, Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Montana, each of which fall under the court's jurisdiction and currently prohibit gay couples from marriage.