Jim Parsons, star of CBS' Big Bang Theory, played a quick-changing, prancing Johnny Weir while hosting Saturday Night Live.

In the show's opening skit, Parsons parodied Weir, the Olympic figure skater turned NBC commentator, as he's being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres (played by Kate McKinnon) following his return from the Sochi Games.

Parsons' Weir appears on the set wearing leather pants, a hot pink blazer and a necklace. Each time the camera comes back to him, Weir adds a new accessory to his ensemble.

“Hi Ellen, thank you for having me here,” Weir says. “It's so nice to be here and not in Russia. I mean, can you believe all this was in Russia?”

“Did you have a hard time over there?” Ellen asks.

“Oh no, I just sort of blended in. By the end, I looked like a local … It was like a gay Where's Waldo?

Weir also tells Ellen that he got his fashion sense from his parents: “My mother is a school teacher and my father is a Christmas ornament.”

At the end of the interview, Weir offers to prance himself off the stage.

“Prance,” Ellen encourages.

Johnny Weir reacted Sunday on Twitter: “I need Jim Parsons necklace from his Johnny Weir parody.”

(Watch the entire skit at Hulu.com.)