Christian conservative and Colorado House hopeful Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt has declared judges who rule in favor of gay marriage “domestic enemies.”

On his web show, Pray in Jesus Name Project, Klingenschmitt called on Congress to impeach such judges.

“This is way beyond the point where it's gotten out of hand,” Klingenschmitt said of recent rulings knocking down all or part of state bans enacted in Ohio, Kentucky, Utah, Texas, Virginia and Oklahoma. “The lawlessness on the federal bench requires a house cleaning. We need a new president to appoint new judges. But until that happens, we MUST pressure Congress to intervene.”

“Christians do not lose their right to vote simply because they are religious. These lawless judges replace Democracy with dictatorship, abrogate the U.S. Constitution, flaunt the laws of God and nature, assume jurisdiction they don't have, and overturn the overwhelming vote of good people. May God have mercy on these tyrants' souls, when they are judged in eternity.”

“There is no mention of sexual orientation in the Constitution, and any judge who imagines one is a domestic enemy of the Constitution, and should be impeached and removed from office. We must demand Congress hold the line, and protect the traditional definition of marriage federally, like the Oklahoma people did by state.”