Television personality Montel Williams has weighed in on anti-gay bills in Uganda and Arizona.

On Monday, Uganda's president signed a harsh law that increases the penalties for being gay in a nation where gay sex was already illegal. At the same time, opponents of a bill in Arizona that purports to protect religious liberty by allowing individuals and businesses to refuse service based on their faith are calling on Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to veto the measure.

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Appearing on CNN's Piers Morgan Live, Williams told host Piers Morgan that he opposes both bills, saying that they “use religion to justify hate.”

“And that's the antithesis of religion, isn't it? Because religion is about love and about respecting others and, you know, about respecting your fellow man and doing to others as they would do unto you,” Williams pointed out.

“How can you stand under a veil of God, a veil of love, and turn around and propagate such hate?”

“Isn't it insane that earlier today had you just walked around the streets of New York and listened to people who heard that press conference held by the president of Uganda – people were disgusted. Where's the same disgust from our own citizens about what's going on here?”