Gay couples have children. And two documentaries premiering this week at Newfest, New York's gay & lesbian film festival, spotlight the highs and lows of gay parenting.

Director Tom Keegan's Out In India: A Family's Journey follows a gay American couple with two small adopted children as they set out for 9 months to live in India.

The couple, David Gere and Peter Carley, decide they can make a difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS in India. Both have a passion for advancing the fight against AIDS through art. Gere says in the film, “I want to believe the arts can stop AIDS. Not just help a little, but stop the disease. Stop. Finished. Over!”

The couple moves to India to organize Indian artists to fight AIDS.

Can two gay dads from America make a difference in the global fight against AIDS?

Out In India: A Family's Journey has its world premiere on Saturday, June 14th.

Four gay men follow diverging paths to reach their dreams of fatherhood in Director Julia Ivanova's Fatherhood Dreams.

The documentary, shot in British Columbia where gay marriage is legal, tells of the joys and challenges faced by gay dads. It also brings into view the options gay men have in pursuing parenting.

Randy and Drew are a gay married couple who have adopted a baby boy. Stephen co-parents two daughters with a lesbian couple. And Scott's parenting chores are just about to begin. He has twin children about to arrive through surrogacy.

The film brings to light the many obstacles and prejudices gay men face in raising children. Will the children of gay fathers feel isolated? Different? Unhappy? Will they 'turn' gay?

And what about single dads. Steve, the father of two by co-parenting says, “Having children has probably kept me single. Gay male culture, at least in Canada, is not suited for men with children.”

Is a gay man any different as as father than a straight man?

Fatherhood Dreams has its US premiere on Sunday, June 15th.

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