Wayne Brady says he's a “lucky guy” to have landed the role of Neil Patrick Harris' gay brother on the CBS hit How I Met Your Mother.

Brady first appeared on the sitcom as James Stinson in 2006 and has reprised the guest role in at least 12 episodes.

“He happens to be Barney's opposite and he happens to be gay and he's his brother who happens to be black,” Brady, 41, said of the role during a recent HuffPost Live appearance. “People in the gay community that have seen it know it comes from a place of love, that there's never any instance of camp. … It's just about a guy.

“And I think the relationship is played really well and is written well. So, I'm a lucky guy,” Brady added. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

How I Met Your Mother ends its 9-year stint in March.