In an op-ed published Wednesday in CNN, the adult daughter of a gay couple opined that she's proud of her two-dad family.

In the column, Sienna Craig said she was a 15-year-old freshman at a public school in Southern California when she was called on as editor of her school newspaper to take on controversial issues.

She argued that gay couples should be allowed to have children.

“My argument hinged on love,” she wrote.

“If two people of the same sex loved each other, were secure in their relationship and wanted to have a family, what made them any less 'fit' as parents than a heterosexual couple? Indeed, one might even say that given the societal pressures and challenges they must be prepared to face, a same-sex couple might even be better role models than two people who had had an easier path to parenthood.”

“I was proud of my piece, but public opinion clearly lay on the side of my opponent. I was surprised to find that not only did virtually none of my friends commend me for it, but some of my fellow students decided it would be fun to call me a 'fag hag' and a 'dyke' for weeks after its publication. This hurt my feelings, of course. But what they did not know – and what I had not dared to write about publicly – was that I lived with my father and his partner, a man he has now been with for more than a quarter century.”

“Was I a coward for not broadcasting the nature of my family, for not going public in that first op-ed? I have often felt, after the fact, that I should have been bolder. But remember, it was 1989.”

She concluded: “Today, if I were in the position my high school journalism teacher had been, the prompt 'Gay people should be allowed to be parents – pro or con' would, mercifully, be barely worth arguing in many parts of the country, if not the world. Listening to my daughter ask casually if I could call Chloe's moms or Grace's dads to arrange a playdate provides a kind of existential relief I find difficult to put into words.”