The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is considering whether to take legal action to force a proposed gay marriage ban on the Indiana ballot in November.

According to Indianapolis ABC affiliate RTV6, NOM on Wednesday met with House Speaker Brian Bosma, who supported passage of House Joint Resolution 3 (HJR-3).

“We are building a coalition of the willing and looking for legislators who are willing to join in this task,” Chris Plante, regional director for NOM, told the network.

“We understand it will be heavy lifting, but if we all work together, we believe we have the law on our side. And we believe HJR-3 should go to the people in November 2014 as was promised by [the] Legislature on multiple occasions,” he added.

In 2011, lawmakers overwhelmingly approved an amendment which sought to prohibit gay couples from marriage and “similar arrangements.” To reach voters this year, a second vote was needed. And while the Republican-led Legislature did approve a marriage amendment, its language differed, banning only marriage. That alteration means another vote is necessary and the earliest voters could decide is 2016.

Megan Robertson, spokeswoman for Freedom Indiana, the coalition working to derail the amendment, said the move “reeks of desperation.”

“They couldn't get a vote in the House. They couldn't get it in the Senate. The legislative process worked and a court case is trying to go around democracy,” Robertson said.

“I think they will be unsuccessful,” she added.