Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall, a Republican, has called for the impeachment of the federal judge who struck down the state's gay marriage ban.

In a nearly 1,000-word posting, Marshall criticized U.S. District Judge Arenda Wright-Allen and her ruling, which she stayed pending an appeal.

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“Judge Wright-Allen clearly lacks judicial temperament, has absolutely no sense of judicial restraint, exhibits signs of deracinated thinking and should be impeached,” said Marshall, who authored the constitutional amendment Wright-Allen declared invalid.

Marshall argued that allowing gay couples to marry “discriminates against children by denying them either a mother or a father” and promotes “sexual behavior that impairs people with serious illness and burdens our health care system.”

Marshall goes on to incorrectly state that the meaning of marriage has never changed and suggest that same-sex marriage would lead to adult-child marriages.

“If homosexuals can marry whoever they love, then it follows that bi-sexuals should be legally allowed to marry two people, polygamists should marry several, and pedophiles should marry children. There is no logical line to draw once marriage as we have known it from the beginning of time is abolished,” Marshall added.

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