A federal judge in San Antonio could rule as early as today in a case challenging Texas' ban on gay marriage.

Plaintiffs in the suit are two gay couples. Cleopatra de Leon and Nicole Dimetman of Austin married in Massachusetts but a constitutional amendment approved by voters in 2005 prohibits Texas from recognizing their marriage. The law also prevents San Antonio couple Victor Holmes and Mark Phariss from marrying. The couple was denied a marriage license in November.

The plaintiff couples are asking U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia to immediately block the law until a trial can be held.

Nearly two dozen similar lawsuits have been filed throughout the nation, but the Texas lawsuit is the first expected to reach the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, considered one of the nation's most conservative courts.

According to the AP, Garcia, a Clinton appointee, could hand down a ruling from the bench on Wednesday or issue a written ruling later.

Phariss, a lawyer, and Holmes, an Air Force veteran, have been in a relationship for 17 years.

“We love each other and, like most straight couples who love each other, we want to get married,” Pharris told The Dallas Morning News.

Plaintiff couples are asking the court to immediately halt enforcement of Texas' ban on same-sex marriage. State lawyers have asked for the suit to be dismissed, arguing that Texas is “promoting the state's interest in responsible procreation and childbearing.”