Randy Thomasson, a vociferous opponent of gay rights and head of Save California, argues that Valentine's Day is reserved for heterosexuals.

In an audio minute posted at the group's website, Thomasson insisted romantic love is “naturally only between one man and one woman.”

“No matter what unconstitutional judges or corrupt politicians or even foolish voters say, marriage is and will always be only for one man and one woman,” Thomasson says in the 60-second audio. “Biologists and doctors know that a man and a woman are physically designed for each other. Even plumbers know the difference between male and female. And God's word is as clear as day. In Matthew 19, Jesus Christ defined family as a father, a mother and their children. And he defined marriage as only for a man and a woman. And in Mark 7, Jesus taught that any sexual activity outside of marriage is sin.”

“This is why marriage and romantic love are naturally only between one man and one woman. And you can thank God for it.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

GoodAsYou.org's Jeremy Hooper responded with an image of two sweethearts candy captioned with “Um, Randy ...” and “Who died & made you Cupid?”